Alhamdulillah for another Year!

So yes if you know me you do know me and well you know what today is (probably) (is it me or did I actually just spammed ‘know’?). Today is the day when once it was 24th of Dhul Hajjah (which is the other day that I celebrate my own life) but this time around its nearing the end of Shaban (according to the lunar calendar).

Last year I felt older and more like having wasted my life in the whole year but this year around I am feeling completely different, something around the area of the word ‘fulfilled’ / ‘complete’ / ‘purposeful’. Those who have been following my blog for quite some time now or for the last month or so know that I have been addicted to something which is actually quite amazing, I won’t say it here but you know it anyway so lol (keep your MashaAllah in the air, thank you).

This is time again for the quick stupid random questions or made up questions or things that actually have changed or developed over this last year of my life, please don’t mind if these questions are never going to come up your mind specifically because these are coming from my head rather than yours so here it is:

1. My age? You know what you know (lets just leave it at that).

2. My love and crush still is the same, which is my super duper rocking HP Chromebook 14, it has been in this position for quite some time and I am still using it (even right now too, typing this out and removing any typos). It has been an absolute beast both at work, work at home, entertainment and basically everything.

3. However a more robust competitor has now joined the party which is my super awesome Macbook Pro. It’s mind bogging crazy fast and does the things (that is is supposed to do) in a breeze, which include Photo and Video rendering. If you do follow my YouTube channel you can tell things have improved no doubt.

4. I have celebrated an immense amount of awesome kids during this year, who not only added me into their good books but I also added them on my volunteer for welfare work list (is it complicated? I agree sir but I had to make it look boring so you’ll read it again I am sure, thank you).

5. About the purpose of life (serious stuff ahead – beware), yes I have finally found a purpose which has given me meaning and sometimes only sometimes now it think that I want to do more work than ever. This is because when you are motivated by passion itself to do something, the whole world seems like to help you and when you achieve that goal its this amazing feeling that you get.

The purpose is Welfare Work, yes you heard it. I am not bragging or anything but believe me its so Intoxicating, the feeling of helping someone. Its not like it makes you feel good by knowing others’ pain but its like when you help someone you know that Allah is actually pleased with you so He is allowing you to work in this awesome cause.

I did not realise I had such an awesome amount of potential in my own soul which did some incredible stuff, thank you Bilal – this post is for you.

6. I have finally realised my biggest strength by far – my lack of interest in dunya. I still like technology but I have finally FINALLY stopped ogling new tech stuff with the intention to buy and stuff, especially in the category of consumer electronics like Smartphones, laptops and stuff.

You might take me as a hypocrite at this point since I started this blog with talking about my gadgets (laptops to be precise) that is because I have no idea why but I was so mesmerising the thing I am typing on I could not get what to write on.

7. Are you grateful to Allah for whatever is happening in your life? Yes (enough said). There had been countless times in this time of the year when I was like Alhamdulillah (from the very bottom of my heart) for things which Allah saved me from and it is only His grace that He did what He did because I know how much badly I wanted those things – most of it is with regards to my Career and job.

8. Bad sheep can destroy the image of a whole community and I have become a victim maybe unconsciously but it definitely has happened which has made me to get to a new rule that ‘You Are NOT Allowed to JUDGE’ anyone unless you know them to the core, outside appearances have fooled me enough. I lost a very dear friend this year to love for wealth in him and I am glad that I survived the test.

9. I think it was a brag which I was trying to write here.

10. Lately depression is catching me a lot because of the times when the problems of this world gets on my mind and I realise that its all my mistake bad is happening to people, it is true too that it’s my sins which are causing muslims to suffer in this world and all the wrong that’s happening to them can be changed by me. If you want to drive yourself to do good? This is the best place to bring your heart and mind to.

11. I achieved two huge tasks in 2017 which can easily be regarded as once in a lifetime types although I do pray that Allah allows me to keep the first task alive for as long as I live. Ameen.

12. Advice for those working in the cause of good, know that some people not all will not help you and even though it may seem so easy for you to justify the work or donation or contribution whatever people still will not understand you or help you. Please do not worry about such people, they will be there and you will be disappointed a lot because there’s no argument in this even about they not being good to you because its not about you anymore but about some pretty serious issues. If you ever feel down know that only Allah is yours and you are His’.

13. My other sister got married Alhamdulillah and I am home alone now lol (-.-)

14. I have come to love Cotton now instead of my usual clothing choice Wash Wear as my go to for all clothes. Cotton for summers is just perfect, Thai cotton to be specific.

15. Another advice would be one which I recently gave to my friend is that Do not wait for events to happen in your life to give your life purpose, events such as job, marriage etc. These will happen if they have to, don’t waste your life waiting for something that is only going to happen on time rather focus on doing something productive and helpful to the community or your family even. SERIOUSLY stop drooling over the future prospects to forget the present that is becoming the past.

I think I should end now, its full on year up ahead I have plans to do a lot, Please Pray for me (I need em a lot) and pray that Allah accepts all my efforts in all of the tasks that I perform, and that Allah grants me ikhlaas (Genuine intention to please Allah) while doing all these tasks.

JazakaAllah for reading. Thank you for being here in my journey.

Happy Breathing!