Lack of Compassion – Part 2


ok its 5:00 am and I was thinking over the fact that I have had started so much on my blog but didn’t conclude it – because I was busy? No – yes I am running low on free time more now but its only because I am giving time so other things than the things I care about – one of them being writing. Lets do it now.

Solutions people!

Today as I said in the last post (if you haven’t read the first part – this is the place where I tell you to do that – please) will be all about solutions.

The problems that we identified with Single Mother families were just a few which I shared amongst a huge plethora of problems.

If we go in the same way or sequence you can say we would be better able to understand our role in helping these families out.

1. Finances

  • I know this one is pretty obvious but not so obvious enough to understand our responsibility in terms of this.
  • We can help them out by giving them money – now you can imagine this yourself that if you help them once they will need help again so as long as you don’t decide to help them every month or something – the problem is going to remain but with a delayed effect.
  • If you give them (the women – earning hand in the family) some job then this would be much better because then they have a way to earn money for their children and not beg for it instead.
  • Also you can help by teaching them some skill that you know which can be utilised by them to earn money so in fact you are teaching them the necessary tools in order to make a living.
  • I know this one is pretty unorthodox (even though it shouldn’t be but it unfortunately is) but you can get them married to someone so they would bring the family under the cover and bear the expenses related to them. This is the solution to this problem which our Prophet (SAW) recommended but this has gone under the covers of various sorts of problems – which is not for this heading majorly to be honest – its another story.

2. Needs as Humans

  • These are now linked to how I left it in the one above – on marriage.
  • Needs as humans can not be fulfilled by money or finances alone – they can not.
  • The women and children I am talking about need support – moral support and social support.
  • They need a family structure in order to become productive human beings and to be healthy for the entire society which they are living in.
  • The women of such households need respect and love – more than you think – they have been wronged in some cases and they need someone to tell them its alright and to heal them on the journey with them.
  • Its not like you can give a lecture to a single mother about life and how she should be happy – that’s not how it works rather one should be able to live with her through her healing process.

3. Protection for Kids

  • You know many people take this point easy but its not – believe me.
  • The purpose of marriage and the relationship between a man and a woman is the establishment of a family in a home setting where young children can be nurtured and protected until they have grown up.
  • This also goes in another way that to take of the elderly the establishment of an institution is necessary called home where the young who are able to provide and earn for the family can take care of those who are now unable to.
  • The families that we are dealing with sometimes have this and sometimes don’t.
  • Some single mother families only have a single mother and I have seen individuals who didn’t have any children – that when they get old live becomes quite difficult for them and no one seems to care – this even gets worse if they are not married either.
  • I know this is not some philosophy class that I am giving here but these children need protection – I know I have deviated from my giving hope part – I should go back to it now.
  • To protect their children they need to be fed (first and foremost), clothed, given shelter and education of the utmost standard so that they can escape the shackles of being dependant and have a positive effect on the world.

How do we Play our Role?

We have been working on this some time and at ‘Achay Kaam Foundation’ this is one of the projects which we call ‘Single Mother Ration Project’.

  • The project’s objective is to provide Single Mother families Ration every single month so that they can forget about this expense and can focus their earnings (which are not much) on things such as the education of the children and on proper nourishment or to even give time to their children if they cut off some hours from work.
  • This only addresses the first problem that we have seen above but its something – believe me – its better than sitting at home hoping that everything will be alright.
  • I have been motivated to write this one to be able to educate people and to encourage others to actually feel for these families, and to be able to play their respective roles in helping us or helping these families if you can on your own.

I think this will be all for now. Thank you for reading!

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Happy Breathing!