Love demands Sacrifice

Sacrifice breeds Pain

Pain instills Hatred

Hatred brings War

And that’s how you start from Love to War.

No I’m not writing it as a heartbroken person or anything I just wanted to write this lol. I actually want to put it up on my office space – I hope it doesn’t creep someone out.

Sometimes in life you have to make choices and it’s funny that I have chosen Pain over many other things – like actual physical pain and headache.

Can we call headache as physical pain? I am not sure. But it still is enough to distract me from everything – from hunger and games – the only solution to it is sleep and then pain again.

No headaches are not good neither is stress at work but it is actually doing to me what I have been trying to do for a long time – like a very long time.

Its funny that even in such pain I can smile maybe because it’s addictive – this much stress – and the results it is making me achieve are just nice.

I should be grateful to Allah that He just wants me to go through all of it and still survive every single day, sometimes it’s like I would die or like wishing to die because of the excruciating stinging pain in the right side of the brain, and the fun part is the more you try to ignore it the stinging effect only increases and spreads the pain around.

If you have your dreams fulfilled without any sort of Pain then be grateful because some people have to go through the other route but at least we all are on the winning side 👌.

Happy Reading!