Don’t Drown Just Float

I know that it’s been a long time since I last posted and I have had many plans, in fact one is in my drafts about something I wanted to write about but I just didn’t for some weird reason or for the fact that I’m lazy and/or busy with work. 

The title relates to the lives we have been given and I am an avid reader on WordPress so I go through so many posts in a single sitting to keep myself engaged in what I call life. Reading posts and people’s thoughts has become quite a useful habit for me, I learn a lot about humans and also about myself as im going through very personal posts of people.

As we grow older we start to think more and more about the future – the future having all our dreams in it and all the things that we wish for. All humans do this, I mean most of them do.

When we are young we don’t realise the importance of future that’s why we think about temporary things and living life of every day to the fullest not really caring about our decisions but it does so happen that the decision we take in our teenage can affect our whole life. It’s later in our 20s that we start thinking about the future that we have to live. 

Different people have different aspirations and who am I to judge you for yours? No one. Seriously I don’t know you – probably that’s why I don’t have a say in how you spend your life.

Future is the time that is not here yet and some people like me rely heavily on Allah regarding it. I basically think that if Allah is there for me then why do I have to worry for tomorrow, please Allah and future is secure (the future in the next world). 

The future of this world also has quite some importance, when we are young (barely teenager) – most of the millennials think about the studies or the career they want to pursue, yes it definitely can change after we grow up but our most basic concern is the career for our future. Some spend this time on people, making relationships (halal and haram), investing their time on these humans – some pay off (like loving your parents) and some don’t – like stalking your crush Facebook account for hours (basically). 

Some like me invest in finding knowledge, so much of my teenage spent reading on the internet about so much stuff that you’d be overwhelmed if you did ever ask me about those things. Things I still cherish to have learned because when my other fellows were busy making relationships (they are still with them – ahem) I was making a relationship with reading (gaining knowledge). I would definitely agree to the fact that not all of it was useful in daily life but at least it gave me reason, it made me to think. 

Many of my students and some other people have asked me before that how and why do I go so deep into things, I don’t answer them usually but I think that’s the most definitive feature of my life. I like to think over stuff, maybe that is why I came to religion – in finding the truth about stuff and then acting upon it. I am sometimes myself amazed at how religiously I can do something because of the conviction of my mind and heart. 

The basic idea if you did follow me above was that this life would not be perfect but if you choose a path then you yourself will never betray your actions. If your life is based on something other than what you have conviction about then it’s lying on something weak and you will know this by seeing how much you cry over the stupid things in life. Your emotions are really precious and they don’t deserve to be meddled with by anyone. 

You are in this fight alone, there will be many relationships in life who will support you – even your marriage partner but even they see a shell of what you have made outside but you’ll be really lucky if someone actually wants to come in your really weak side and welcomes you in theirs. Not many people can do it (believe me). 

I had this weird thing from the very start is that I really loved being around the people who will find faults in me and identify them, and then help me get them right. I did find some people for a brief amount of time who will just outright call me wrong over stuff and correct me, they would accept my wrong as wrong and not call me holy. 

When you start to follow Islam, people forget this so easily. When you do good stuff they forget this easily, they forget that we also want someone to correct us – in every matter of life. 

Like if I am honest with you in this post, there is NO one currently in my life who considers me a bad person or call my faults as faults. I crave it sometimes so badly when I give up the role of correcting others but people correct me. It’s true that some of you would be like whaaaaaaat??? But yes it’s true that because I have been right so many times people don’t dig inside to find my wrongs and even after knowing them would hug me, and say that 

‘ We both are bad so please let’s be Friends … ‘